Our Story

Cast your eyes across the diverse landscape of the island of Lesvos and one will see bays of olive groves, from the hilltops down to the sandy shores. 

The Greek island of Lesvos lies at the edge of Greece and Europe's geopolitical borders. It is a portal between two countries, two continents and two civilisations. The island has stood the test of time due to the age-long relationship between human and olive tree. But the island has also endured its fair share of challenges. 

Due to its unique location, Lesvos has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people seeking safety and a new place to call home. This has had a great impact on the social, cultural and economic situation of the island and on both locals and people with a refugee background.

Recognising the need for sustainable solutions to bring prosperity back to all communities living on one of the largest islands in Greece, Lots of Lesvos was born. We at Lots of Lesvos acknowledge the special relationship locals from Lesvos have with the olive tree. We harness this. We encourage this with people with a refugee-background living on Lesvos. And we share this with you, our customers. 

Lots of Lesvos is a social enterprise that is really just getting started. Recently acquired by Dutch organisation Movement On The Ground, the organisation aim to build Lots of Lesvos into a sustainable enterprise that generates economic prosperity for local farmers whilst simultaneously enabling opportunity, positive connections and prospects for refugees.