The Story of Vagelli

Vagelli Voyiatzis is the man behind our premium extra-virgin olive oil. He is the owner of multiple olive farms situated in the mountainous area of Lesvos. Across these farms, over 2,000 olive trees grow amongst wild herbs and medicinal plants and all of the olives are harvested by hand.

"For me, Lots of Lesvos is important as it represents the collaboration and strengthening of communities on the island," shares Vagelli.

Vagelli's mother was born and raised in Turkey, but was of Greek origins. She ended up having to flee back to Greece with her family due to safety reasons. 

"I know the difficulties faced by people on the move and I want to support these people by giving them greater opportunity to prosper," explains Vagelli.

His dream is work together with his son, locals and newcomers on Lesvos in the fields of his farm. Vagelli wants to give refugees on Lesvos an opportunity to learn more about the beauty of working with olives, treating the trees with respect and learning how to improve the production.

We feel incredibly proud and honoured to work alongside such a passionate and hardworking person like Vagelli. We are grateful to be able to contribute to the future of his farm and of course, share a likeminded vision to bring positive visibility and prosperity into the lives of refugees on the island.