The Story of Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim Moradi is a former community volunteer for Movement On The Ground who worked as a team leader for the food lines in RIC Lesvos. Abdul comes from Afghanistan, where he used to work as a restaurant manager.

"Visitors were often asking for their eggs baked in olive oil. When I would enter the kitchen, I could smell the special aroma of toasted olive oil in the air," Abdul Karim explains. 

For Abdul Karim, olive oil has a special place in his heart, and stomach. He would always buy olive oil to cook with as it is better for your health, both body and mind. 

While Abdul Karim no longer lives in RIC Lesvos, working in the food lines with Movement On The Ground is something that he will forever cherish.

"I loved this role in the camp as it reminded me of my past, working both as a restaurant manager and as a kitchen facility supervisor and cook for a UNHCR project in Afghanistan," shares Abdul Karim. 

Abdul Karim's passion for food and cooking is something he hopes to continue pursuing in his next adventure. We are so fortunate that Abdul has been able to share his story through the Lots of Lesvos brand and furthermore play a role in the development of our olive oil.