Our gift packages (€29,95) consist of three cans with organic extra virgin olive oil (500 ml), wild flower honey (250 g) and salt and herbs (160 g) in a beautifully designed tube.


Our organic extra virgin olive oil is the pride of the Vogiatzis family. The olives are harvested by hand and pressed with love. The oil is unfiltered, cold-pressed and free of additives. Father and son Vogiatzis are enormously driven to make the best olive oil in the world. They succeed nicely, as they have already won various international prizes and you can taste that!


Beekeeper Giannis Kamperos supplies us with his wild flower honey from the mountain village of Skalochori. Giannis works purely with nature, without heating the honey. This preserves all nutrients. This is an intensely aromatic honey that is produced during the summer bloom. The honey has an extremely wonderful taste and works well in a dressing, light sauce or in tea (cooled down otherwise the nutrients are lost).

Honey occasionally takes on a semi-solid state known as crystallized or granulated honey. Crystallization is the natural capacity of honey and does not cause any change in the biological and nutritional value. You can melt it easily into the sinking vessel with hot water (au bain marie) without losing any of the biological and nutritional properties.


Our super-pure sea salt from the Aegean Seas comes from Panagiotis Ganosis. Together with his brother, he mixes the salt with carefully handpicked herbs from the mountains of Plomari. The ingredient percentage of the mixture is: 65% natural sea salt, 10% dried oregano, 10% dried thyme, 10% dried savory, 5% dried rosemary. This mix is ​​best used to season red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or salads.


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