(oregano, thyme, savoury, rosemary)

This sea salt is the purest form of salt from the Aegean Seas. Local farmer Aristides Ganosis blends his salt alongside carefully handpicked herbs from the mountains of Plomari.
The ingredient percentage of the mixture is: 65% natural sea salt, 10% dried oregano, 10% dried thyme, 10% dried savory, 5% dried rosemary. This mix is best used to season red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or salads.

Honey with wild flowers

Beekeeper Giannis is crazy about his bees, keeping his hives in the mountain village of Skalochori. Giannis takes especially good care of his bees and allows them to roam freely in the mountains where the wild flowers blossom.
This is an intensely aromatic honey with a characteristic flavour produced in abundance on Lesvos during the summer bloom. It tastes delicious in your tea, adds balance to your salad dressings or as a sweet touch in your sauce.
Honey occasionally takes on a semi-solid state known as crystallized or granulated honey. Crystallization is the natural capacity of honey and does not cause any change in the biological and nutritional value. You can melt it easily into the sinking vessel with hot water (au bain marie) without losing any of the biological and nutritional properties.


The olives used in this beautiful oil are handpicked in the mountainous and sunny areas on Lesvos. To obtain the best quality olives, the extraction is exclusively done through mechanical means and no chemicals are involved. You are tasting pure Greek nature!
For more than three decades, the Papadellis family has set their sights on the successful production of high quality olive oil.
The company is working alongside more than 100 olive oil producers from the island. It is the first olive oil company in Lesvos that uses a system of waste measurement for its basic products, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. This yellow-golden olive oil possesses an intense, full bodied, spicy flavour. The olive composition for this olive oil is: 60% Kolovi, 30% Adramitiani and 10% Agrielia. This olive oil is highly recommended for all kinds of vegetable salads and baked dishes.