The Greek island of Lesbos is a fertile paradise. With the tastiest olive oil, the purest honey and the purest sea salt. For a few years now, Lesvos has also become the island where the refugee crisis has acquired a European face. The locals still have a hard time. And 'newcomers' are stuck in refugee camps in inhumane conditions. Without any future perspective. Together with you we can change that!

We sell gift packages with the tastiest olive oil, honey and salt & herbs from Lesbos. We support local farmers and we encourage education and entrepreneurship among 'newcomers' on Lesbos.

After seeing the bad conditions on Lesvos up close during the last two years, we are determined to make a positive change. A change that is both sustainable and empowering for everyone involved. A change that offers opportunity, dares to challenge and inspires others. That is why we started Lots of Lesvos.

Lots of Lesvos strives to enable locals and refugees on Lesvos to make a living for themselves. We aim to change the way we ‘give aid’ and inspire others to start projects that are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. Our vision is to involve refugees in the project and have them work alongside the Greek people.

How it works

The purchase of our products means an income for the local farmers. Hardworking people who make their products with a lot of love and respect for nature. As their companies grow due to our demand, jobs are created for locals and newcomers. And that is exactly what we want! We spend a fair share of the profit directly on education and giving workshops to newcomers. This increases their chance of a job or entrepreneurship. We invest the rest of the profit in Lots of Lesvos. In this way we build an inclusive entrepreneurial model that brings structural change to the island and achieves ecological, economic and social benefits. Nice circle, right?