Ly Tran

Baby Ly fled in her mother’s arms from Vietnam to The Netherlands: land of options and opportunities. Ly got to study, get her PhD and now works as an advisor for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The huge refugee stream to Lesbos triggered her to get involved, because everyone deserves to get the same opportunities she got! Ly went to Lesvos twice to volunteer in the refugee camps. She believes in a sustainable system for the inhabitants and visitors of the island and that matches perfect with the mission of Lots of Lesvos! 


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Jasmijn andringa

Jasmijn has never done anything else than working on projects that strive for positive impact. She started with her Nobel foundation, initiating creative, innovative projects to draw attention to social topics. Jasmijn also freelanced for various organizations with a world-improving focus, another cool project is The Table of Ten, helping organizations find their social role. Jamijn was involved with Lots of Lesvos at an early stage and helps with everything related to communication and events. She is incredibly happy with Lots of Lesvos’ strategy, helping both farmers and newcomers to Lesvos and loves working in this enthusiastic team. And the products taste great too!

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nard haverkort

Nard is an online brand strategist and programmer. During the last couple of years he got involved in all kinds of projects helping people who are forced to find a new place to live. After he visited Lesvos with network organization The Present Movement, Nard joined Lots of Lesvos. This fits him, because he prefers to help people by offering them something they can go on with themselves. By creating a little perspective and making hopeless situations a little less hopeless!

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isabelle cannoo

Isabelle loves her job as a marketer at a sustainable energy supplier. And food. That’s why she spends her free time cooking, eating ánd writing about new restaurants in Amsterdam. For Isabelle it’s important that the refugee stories are told, because she believes that positive stories and solutions really make the world a better place. To make sure these stories get spread (and everybody gets to know the delicious products), Isabelle helps Lots of Lesvos out with the social media.

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michiel stock

Freelance photographer Michiel Stock has a soft spot for do-good organizations. For the crowdfunding campaign of Lots of Lesvos, the idea arose to record the project up close, so Michiel went to Lesvos to capture everything that’s going on.This way he contributes to a noble and innovative concept and gets first hand insights about the situation on Lesvos. Insights that he now incorporates in all of his work and make him an even more compassionate person!

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jessica numann

Jessica writes things and thinks it is fun and important to use her skills for a better world, including Lots of Lesvos. She worked for years as an independent copywriter and editor for clients such as De Financiële Telegraaf and VICE and together with Aranka made stories about people who make the world more beautiful at Whocares. Nowadays she works as a copywriter for advertising agency Boomerang (not the cards).

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